Shoppers purchasing large items such as a new lounge setting, refrigerator or garden shed, can now find and book moving services on demand with the new Movepal app, to help get items home quicker and easier.

Described as an ‘Uber style’ app, Movepal enables users to book peer-reviewed movers and track the location of the mover. All moves are covered by insurance and payment can be made direct through the app.

Movepal CEO, Peter Borain said shopping for big items can be a real challenge for many people.

“They simply don’t have the ability to transport large items and have to rely on the delivery services of the retailer to get the items delivered to their home – and often the services can be slow and expensive,” he said.

“Movepal removes this hassle. Regardless of where you shop or what you buy, you can jump on to Movepal and order a mover. No one wants to wait days for their new purchase to arrive. When you buy it, you want it now.

“Movepal is great for second-hand purchases as well. Whether you are at a garage sale or someone’s house looking at an item you found on Gumtree, you can simply jump on to Movepal, order a mover and a mover will pick up your new purchase and take it home for you.”

Movepal has launched in Melbourne and is being rolled out across other states during the year.