Australian leak-proof underwear brand, Modibodi has introduced new Maxi-24 hour pee and period proof underwear. Backed by science, the Maxi-24 underwear is proven to hold up to 50ml of liquid, equivalent to around 10 pads or tampons.

Modibodi has described the new underwear as “game-changing” for those with a heavy period or frequent bladders leaks, frontline and shift workers, overnight protection, or simply peace of mind.

Modibodi’s technology sits from the front to back waist band and the lining remains super thin, offering enhanced comfort and removing the need for damaging disposables.

The Maxi-24 comes in Modibodi’s most popular styles, the Classic Bikini and Sensual Hi-Waist with pricing starting from $33.

New customers can try Modibodi risk free for 30 days and free shipping is offered for orders over $100.