Leader in the global circular fashion concept, MANRAGS has cemented its authority by preventing one million textiles from ending up in landfill in the last six months.

MANRAGS created a textile diversion program in the midst of the global pandemic. The once side hustle start-up, MANRAGS has become the world’s first circular subscription essentials brand and the authority in textile waste prevention in just four years.

Co-founders Michael and Tina Elias believe it’s time to step up to the challenge of expanding the impact the circular fashion concept has on our textile economy, but also reimagine the MANRAGS brand.

The MANRAGS team has doubled in size, moved to three different warehouses to keep up with demand, raised over $750,000 in capital and is now evolving its brand to best represent the company’s upward trajectory to ‘UPPAREL’.

In 2016, MANRAGS started as a male essential subscription service. As the brand progressed, Michael and Tina’s knowledge of the fashion industry expanded, as well as the amount of textile waste at both a mass production and mass disposal level.

With this in mind, MANRAGS ‘started with socks’ in September 2019, preventing over 13,000kgs of textiles from ending up in landfill. Fast forward to 14 October 2020 and over 100,000kgs of textile saved from landfill, MANRAGS has transformed into ‘UPPAREL’ representing positive impact and progressive change and helping make the textile industry a leader in sustainability.

UPPAREL sorts through thousands of products every single day to reuse and UPcycle where possible. The aim is simple: extend product life and redirect textiles from landfill. In addition to the one million items of textile waste that have been diverted from landfill UPPAREL has prevented over 400,000kgs of greenhouse gases from polluting the air we breathe.