Frank green CEO, Benjamin Young, says recycling and biodegradability is failing us and the government should be focusing on importing renewable infrastructure.

The entrepreneur―who started the sustainable focused brand five years ago after realising some very devastating environmental impacts during his tenure in a corporate waste management role―says recycling is expensive and labour intensive and the materials end up in improper waste disposals anyway.

“Our recycling practices simply can’t keep up and a whopping 43 per cent of landfill is made up of coffee cups and water bottles,” he explains.

He says the government needs to breathe life into the dwindling manufacturing industry with a conscious solution.

“Stainless steel is the answer and it’s already being used with ease overseas so it can be replicated here and all we need is the infrastructure. The Australian Government has remained inactive but that has to change today.

“Our politicians talk about how they’re boosting Australia’s manufacturing industry but frankly there is no evidence of this. I can invest in bringing innovative technology to Australia but manufacturing isn’t my game and it’s really the job of our government to create incentive for local manufacturers to adopt new manufacturing technologies. It’s ridiculous and prehistoric that we can’t manufacture stainless steel in Australia,” says Young.

With the all-out war on plastic in the Australian market, Young says it’s not up to the consumer to lead this change.

“A solution should be implemented at the top with proper government acumen. The benefits of creating a cleaner economy would not only mitigate current environmental concerns but also create a skilled workforce for the country.”

The sustainable coffee cups business launched in the US last year and now has an annual turnover of $15 million.

This article was republished with permission from Giftguide