Software company, WingArc Australia has introduced a new retail analytics solution that combines video analytics, machine learning, predictive capability and POS integration. Through interactive dashboards and daily reports, it helps stores understand their customers, validate marketing decisions, optimise staff rosters and ultimately increase revenue.

WingArc Retail Analytics can integrate with CCTV cameras to track customer movements on a virtual heatmap and in turn provide behavioural insights.

It integrates with point-of-sale data to build detailed reports on the store’s performance and its predictive technology helps retailers plan their staff rostering in advance and ensure there is enough people on the floor to meet demand.

Further, retail management can assess the effectiveness of window displays and in-store marketing, as the analytics show how well the store is capturing passing foot traffic and which areas are most popular with customers, and when.

WingArc Australia CEO, Steven Hulse described the analytics solution as a “lifeline” for high street retail.

“For online retailers, there is Google Analytics. Now physical stores can use data to better understand the customer journey, improve the experience and make sure there is enough people on duty to help.”

Japanese household and consumer goods retailer, MUJI has been trialing the solution in Australia over the last few months with local managing director, Takeshi Fujimoto saying WingArc was chosen as the retailer wanted to make strategic decisions based on data.

“We knew that in-store analytics would give us the insight we need to optimise our store layout and marketing the needs of Australian consumers,” he said.