Automatic warehouse with robotic arms, 3D rendering

Former Google engineers have launched a cutting-edge technology which helps retailers unlock new efficiencies in the back-end.

The technology helps retailers make their warehouses more efficient and can give brands an upper-hand in an increasingly competitive market, its developers say.

Retailers that use unmanned autonomous vehicles that organise and pack inventory will be able to use the new technology.

The tech, from Deepen AI, generates highly accurate and scalable 4D segmentation data, also known as 3D frames progressing through time, which interprets information about static environments and moving objects.

By helping warehouse robots identify the location of stock quickly, the tool can dramatically reduce the time taken to get the goods to consumers.

Mohammad Musa, founder and CEO of Deepen, says the technology can help retailers find new efficiencies in their supply chain.

“In a retail warehouse, with Deepen AI’s technology robots can understand the location of each package, its dimensions, and all its characteristics very accurately over time. That will enable the machines to make much better decisions around storage, handling, and transportation of those packages safely and more efficiently.”

Using LiDAR technology, the tool is able to provide far more precise readings to identify objects in four dimensions.

This new capability can give retailers a competitive edge, Mr Musa says, by enabling them to process stock quicker than ever.

“Retailers are looking into ways to better automate their operations while maintaining safety of the workers and enabling them to be more productive. More intelligent robotic systems can significantly increase the safety, capacity and efficiency of the warehouse operation,” he said.

“The demand for online shopping is ever increasing. The margins for retailers are already thin and unless they can keep up with better ways to take advantage of their assets and the supply chain, they won’t be able to compete against a new wave of tech savvy competitors.”

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