Sale and discount flyer templates

With Australia’s biggest online sale upon us in a matter of hours, retailers have the chance to unleash massive sales.

As one of e-commerce’s biggest events of the year, Click Frenzy – which opens at 7pm on Tuesday AEST – opens up massive opportunities for retailers – potentially reeling in scores of new customers and massive profits.

For some, sales can increase twofold, with online sales increasing 45 per cent during the week of the sale, according to recent data from Criteo.

With these sales getting bigger and bigger each year, attracting more retailers than ever, competition is fierce, says Jordan Sim, Group Product Manager at BigCommerce.

But with these four tips, retailers have the opportunity to unlock massive sales, he says.

  1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Preparation is absolutely crucial to success this evening – with website functionality one of the most important factors, Mr Sim says.

“There’s nothing worse for consumers than thinking they’ve scored a bargain, only to realise at checkout that the item is out of stock. Retailers must ensure their websites are fully stocked to help them make the most of the sales period and prevent frustrated customers.”

  1. Provide a smooth shopping experience

Giving consumers a seamless online experience will also gives retailers an upperhand, he says.

“Participating in these types of sales today is a given, but succeeding in them comes from being smart and giving customers what they want — a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Avoid cart abandonment by ensuring the online shopping experience is as smooth as possible.”

  1. Spread the word

But marketing through the right channel is equally important to ensure you target the right consumer.

“There’s no use in participating in Click Frenzy if your customers don’t know about it. Utilising a range of channels to alert your followers to the bargains you’re offering is key, and communicating with them directly through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and EDM, is essential,” he said.

  1. Don’t forget about shipping and delivery

Finally, making sure shipping and delivery is good value is absolutely critical to close the sale, Mr Sim says.

“Your customers won’t want to spend the money they’ve just saved on the cost of shipping and delivery. Sweetening the sales experience with cheap or even free delivery can help you seal the deal.”