A new premium audio brand for business professionals, EPOS, has introduced a range of solutions to the Australian market to deliver end users pure sound and clarity of speech when in their working environment.

The EPOS portfolio incorporates four product lines – Impact, Adapt, Expand and Command.

Impact is designed for professionals working in dynamic office spaces, spending long hours talking on the phone, with microphones that filter out unwanted noise while enhancing speech. Every model is designed to be comfortable to wear and is fully compatible with other devices and systems.

Adapt is a series of premium audio solutions for those who need to make business calls from anywhere. Available in a variety of contemporary designs with wireless functionalities and active noise cancellation, these headsets can match the way users like to work.

Expand is specially designed for professionals working across workspaces, locations and time zones, with premium audio tools made for collaboration. Each model is a simple plug-and-play solution with enhanced voice pickup and superior speaker sound for everyone to participate and engage on conference calls.

Command is designed for the challenges of Air Traffic Control and C3 Communications. Every model guarantees flawless clarity with noise-cancelling microphones that filter out background noise and enhance the human voice.

There are three key technologies that span over the range – EPOS Edge AI, EPOS Sound and EPOS Voice.

EPOS Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine learning system embedded in the device that processes data and takes decisions independently, allowing the device to automatically adapt to a user’s hearing and voice while studying the environment to limit the exposure to excessive sounds.

EPOS Sound delivers a natural listening experience through continuous monitoring of ambient sound and varying noise levels to create an augmented and immersive audio experience. For more focus, users can block out background noise with ease.

EPOS Voice improves speech intelligibility and provides a better conversation by creating an acoustical lens to focus on a user’s speech. Through removing remaining noise disturbances, it ensures a more natural reproduction of the human voice. It recognises the environment to eliminate background noise to clarify the sound picture.

Why sound matters for businesses

EPOS research has shown that the average audio solution end user loses 29 minutes per week due to poor sound quality on voice calls. For businesses, the cost of this wasted time is huge and is compounded by other issues including critical instructions being missed or misunderstood, as well as negative customer experiences that impact company reputation with one fifth of users having experienced dissatisfied clients due to poor sound quality.

The research also revealed that 87% of end users say they have experienced at least one pain point due to poor sound quality during calls or virtual meetings. The most common problems include excessive background noise (42%), having to repeat themselves (34%) and asking for information to be repeated (34%).

There is also an emotional impact for end users with 35% feeling frustration, irritation and annoyance due to bad audio, whilst 25% experience moments of stress, and 15% even feel embarrassment or lack of confidence.

Positively, the majority of business decision makers (79%) are aware that good audio equipment including headsets, headphones and speaker phones can provide the solution and an average 93% of decision makers plan to purchase new audio equipment in the next 12 months.

Pictured: The EPOS Adapt 660 headphones