Deliveroo protected around 38,000 jobs in its partner restaurants from being lost or temporarily closed over the period between April and June, according to a new report by Capital Economics, The Value of Delivery Services, commissioned by Deliveroo.

The new report surveyed Deliveroo’s restaurant partners and found that delivery services supported a turnover of $1 billion for Deliveroo’s partner restaurants during this period.

The data suggests that support from delivery platforms like Deliveroo have been comparable to government support in keeping restaurants afloat during lockdown, with partner restaurants giving them relatively equal importance overall. 

On average, 30% of employees in Deliveroo’s partner restaurants across Australia said they continued to work because of delivery services. Similarly, 30% continued to work because of government schemes.

The Capital Economics report states that delivery services have helped keep parts of the hospitality sector operating and the cost to government would have been even higher without them.

“They have helped to keep more people at work in the hospitality sector which has been one of the hardest hit sectors from lockdown restrictions and changes in peoples’ behaviour,” it said.

Deliveroo Australia CEO, Ed McManus said, This report underlines just how important delivery platforms have been to retaining jobs across the restaurant sector that would otherwise have been lost, and to maintaining businesses. Delivery will continue to play a vital role for these businesses going forward, helping them to recover and grow as more and more people want great food at home or at work. 

“Deliveroo will continue to help restaurants adapt to delivery, helping restaurants meet consumers’ new needs and tastes, delivering safely and offering a range of services. Restaurants are at the heart of the company – we were born out of a love of restaurants – so we will be by their side throughout this period.”

Restaurant and Catering Association CEO, Wes Lambert added: “Evidence shows that delivery revenue across the restaurant sector has averaged around 30% of total industry turnover in many markets, up from 8% pre COVID. For tens of thousands of restaurants across Australia, takeaway and delivery has been the one and only way that restaurant businesses have been able to stay in contact with their customers through the pandemic and lockdown period.”