Australia’s leading online costume retailer has almost doubled sales after rolling out a new mobile-friendly e-commerce platform.

Costume Box last year rolled out a new commerce platform, Magento Commerce cloud, alongside a complete redesign of their website in a bid to boost mobile sales.

The launch has been a huge success, with the retailer seeing 40 per cent uplift in conversion in costume sales, and almost 80 per cent of user traffic coming through mobile devices.

Initially launching with 400 products the retailer today sells over 20,000 products online, and has fulfilled more than 3 million orders worldwide.

The costume retailer initially used Magento Open Source, and subsequently Magento 1, but in mid-2018 moved to Magento Commerce on the cloud with the hopes of streamlining the user experience online.

Katie Rumble, special projects manager at Costume Box told Retailbiz that this increase in sales is thanks to the new program features on the site including the ability to add to cart directly from a category page and show limitless upsell options at the checkout.

“The biggest thing did was have a mobile responsive site which we didn’t have initially. We took a mobile first approach to everything we did,” she said.

“Overall in the period we had 15% uplift in conversion and a 23 % uplift in mobile conversion. We’re always tweaking to make everything better for the customer.”

The retailer hopes to continue to drive mobile commerce, with 60 per cent of traffic coming from mobile during the weeks and a whopping 75 per cent of traffic coming from mobiles on the weekends.

Nikki Yeaman, managing director and co-founder of Costume Box told Retalbiz that optimising the user experience online will continue to drive the retailer’s strategy into the future.

“We look to blur the lines of online and physical retail, and to manage customer touch points seamlessly because I don’t think customers make much of a distinction anymore.”