Online mega-sale Click Frenzy ‘Mayhem’ is bracing to smash last year’s sales figures after recording a massive uplift in traffic. 

The annual sales event, which kicked off at 7pm on Tuesday evening, is expected to smash through sales records, with the event’s managing director expecting a “significant uplift” in sales.

The discount sales event has already seen a 40 per cent increase in traffic compared to the following year with 1,136,676 visits.

While the full sales figures won’t be available until next week, managing director of Click Frenzy Grant Arnott said they were bracing for a new record.

“It was a great event, we’re really pleased with how Mayhem went in 2019. It’s certainly our biggest event ever and the biggest shopping event in May.”

The sales event, which allows shoppers to snap up incredible deals, has experienced a massive swing in online activity compared to the previous year.

“Last year Australia Post released a report finding in May online sales grew around 20 per cent. We think we’ll exceed that spike. I think it was very successful just from the amount of buzz we saw and the traffic growth we saw in excess of 40 per cent – and more importantly the growth in traffic we saw to retailers directly grew 56 per cent. We’re really expecting that to translate to a significant uplift in sales as well,” he told Retailbiz.

“It was a good week to do it straight after the election, the continuity of government perhaps helped people’s confidence. It delivered above expectations. It’s really pleasing to see us kick off EOFY sales with a big net buster event.”

Last year the campaign was plagued by a number of online glitches – issues which the retailer this year addressed – a factor that is likely to convert to huge sales growth.