Renowned business and strategy expert Amanda Rose has launched an online group, Small Business Woman Australia, offering female business owners free online sessions to learn new skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From now until November 2020, each week, Amanda will share her best tips for business strategy and continuity, designed to help businesswomen adjust to the changed landscape and achieve success.

Sessions will cover topics including marketing, HR, accounting and finance, recruitment, branding, psychology, self-improvement, building confidence, workplace culture. The Small Business Women Australia website will provide additional free resources to supplement these weekly sessions.

Small Business Women Australia also allows members to share experiences, connecting them through times of joy and adversity.

Amanda is the founder of Western Sydney Women and Western Sydney Business Women – organisations designed to advocate for the economic flourishing of women across western Sydney.

Amanda said she is determined to see female small business owners persevere and thrive, together. Her goal is to see 10,000 women join the group this year and see many business owners walk away feeling more equipped and more confident to succeed, even as the world is changing around them.

Last week, the initial session was conducted by Kylie Bartlett, CEO of Digital Talent Group, presenting on social media and how to leverage a lock-down.

Today, Karen Howard, CEO of Mediation First, will be conducting a Q&A on ‘Building resilience: What can you control when everything feels out of control’?

Next Wednesday, 29 April, Trenna Blair, CEO of FD Global Connections, will be presenting on ‘Scaling during tumultuous times’ and on 6 May, Sharon Williams, founder and CEO of Taurus Marketing, will be presenting on business survival tips, specifically around marketing, personal branding, public relations and pivoting your business to a #newnormal.