Australian startup, Longtail UX, has launched a new search marketing scorecard, designed for online businesses, that measures and forecasts SEO and SEM performance, potential to acquire market share and lost market share to competing websites for both paid and organic searches.

The free diagnostic tool allows companies using Google analytics to forecast potential ROI for both brand and generic keywords phrases.

Longtail UX says its scorecard SEO tool is based on real data from visitors acquired via the search channel, with other tools attempt to deliver insights by proxy indicators which is less accurate.

As for Longtail UX’s SEM technology, it is the world’s first solution to give businesses control over how their website appears on Google and allows companies to measure results and the return of their SEO investment at the keyword level. No single tool looks at the synergy between both SEO and SEM.

The scorecard launch coincides with Longtail UX’s $2.5 million capital raise for global expansion from investors including Andrew Bassat of Seek.

Longtail UX co-founder and CEO, Andreas Dzumla said, “The ambiguity of traditional SEO has made it difficult to understand its ROI and to secure budget for this crucial part of the marketing equation. For SEM, we still see too many cases where brand versus generic keyword ROI isn’t properly broken down and used for marketing decisions either. We have released scorecard as there is an opportunity for businesses to understand where they can gain a competitive advantage when taking on dominating marketplaces like Amazon. It’s designed to let users make better-informed decisions.”

Longtail UX created patented technology that boosts websites’ ad performance and website rankings on Google.