Young food entrepreneur, Jordyn Evans has signed off on a retail deal with 850 Coles stores to stock her three new seasoning flavours – Garlic and Herb, Spicy Mexican and All Purpose – in the herbs and spices aisle.

Three years ago, Evans had a vision to challenge mass-market brands with a range of spice blends that were free from preservatives, vegetable oil, added sugars and high amounts of salt, which is how the brand Mingle was born.

The brand now has a following of over 60,000 consumers and genuine advocacy from health professionals including nutritionists, doctors and dietitians.

Leading weight loss doctor, Lucy Burns who owns Real Life Medicine chooses to flavour her food with Mingle Seasoning and advises her patients to do the same.

“As a lifestyle medicine physician, I believe food is medicine. Our food can either harm or heal us. Our society has moved away from real food and it is killing us. At Real Life Medicine, we are passionate about real food and the message that cooking can be quick, delicious and good for you. I recommend Mingle to all my patients,” she said.

Naturopath, Sarah McCready is also a genuine advocate for Mingle.

“As a naturopath and busy mum of two, my kids’ diet and health is a high priority for me, but timewise, I am limited. Simple, healthy and easy is my go-to. I love Mingle seasoning because I don’t have to think about it. I know that if I chop some veggies, and use Mingle to season it, then I am serving my kid’s something nutritious which they will actually eat.”

Evans said: “Building relationships with people that share similar values is why I do what I do. My mission goes far beyond just selling healthy seasonings. I am passionate about people being more aware of what’s in their food and also reframing the way people look at cooking and not to be burdened by it.”

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