Athletic shoe retailer the Athlete’s Foot is set to hit the ground running next year, today announcing the roll-out of 3D foot modelling technology in its 130 outlets.

A representative from the Athlete’s Foot told Retailbiz on Tuesday that the retailer will “imminently” be undertaking trials of the 3D technology at some of its outlets.

Adam Bennett, national training manager at the Athlete’s Foot said the retailer would next year be looking at introducing the technology in a growing number of its 130 outlets through 2019.

“At the moment we are trialling 3D scanning of the foot, which will give us the width as well as arch height – a full 3D scan of the foot,” he said.

“We will be using this video and analysis for a more encompassing knowledge of the actual foot and the appropriate footwear.”

Although the retailer’s 130 stores are currently utilising foot scanning technology to customise shoe recommendations, the 3D scanner would allow much more personalised recommendations.

The Athlete’s Foot has been pioneering custom-shoe technology for more than a decade, placing it well-ahead of other retailers.

Mr Bennett told Retailbiz that the retailer is always looking to leverage state-of-the-art technology in-store to improve the customer experience.

“We’re always looking at different technology and how we can stay ahead of the game,” he said.

“All of our technology is about giving our customers the best experience but also enhancing our team member’s knowledge because technology is only as good as people who use it.”