The e-commerce giant says it will be delivering purchases by drone within a matter of months – with deliveries as quick as 30 minutes.

At its first AI conference last week, Amazon said the drones would be able to deliver packages in record time.

The Prime Air drone, first announced in 2013 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will roll-out later this year.

The news was announced last week at Amazon’s re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, where the all-electric model was showcased.

The drones have the capacity to fly 16 kilometres and deliver packages with a weight of less than 2.2 kilograms.

The drones are equipped with a number of sensors to detect and avoid hazards.

The retailer has been working on resolving regulatory roadblocks since the plans were first announced more than five years ago.

Trials of the drones have already been conducted in the United States and England.

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