New York, United States - July 3, 2013: People walk past 7-Eleven convenience store in New York. 7-Eleven is world's largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores, with more than 46,000 shops.

7-Eleven is giving shoppers the ultimate in convenient experiences after announcing the opening of a checkout-free store in Melbourne.

The convenience retailer announced the opening of the “cashless and cardless” concept store in Richmond, Melbourne late last week.

Shoppers can walk in and out of the store conveniently by using a smartphone app to pay for their purchases, slicing the time it takes to make a purchase.

7-Eleven chief executive Angus McKay said the retailer is looking into ways to maximise the customer experience.

“We’re trying to push the notion of ‘convenience’ to its absolute limit”.

“In the new concept store, customers will notice the absence of a counter. The store feels more spacious and customers avoid being funnelled to a checkout location creating a frictionless in-store experience,” he said.

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