Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade.

As I write this, the weather in Sydney is perfect—blue sky, sunshine and a temperature of about 25 degrees. This isn’t unusual or unexpected; in fact it’s likely to get even warmer the closer we get to Christmas. Why then do so many retailers insist on decorating for the festive season as though they’re in the northern hemisphere?

Ok, so it’s not the biggest problem in the world, but isn’t it time we accepted our position—firmly in the southern hemisphere—and developed an Australian Christmas identity? Why do we romanticise the European winter, with its minus-degree temperatures, minimal hours of daylight and slush (which is what all that beautiful snow turns into when it melts)?

All this is to say that I love what the Strand Arcade has done with its Christmas decorations this year. The Sydney centre has gone all-out Australiana with bespoke sculptures celebrating the native landscape. Most impressive are three blossoming eucalyptus branches hanging from the ceiling, made up of green leaves, red budding flowers and golden gumnuts, brought to life with LEDs.

Strand Arcade

Marketing manager Melissa Prpic said the decorations reflect the Stand Arcade’s history of craftsmanship and authenticity.

“The Arcade is a community of artisans assembled together, sharing a passion and respect for creativity,” she said.

“It was only fitting that our Christmas decorations represent the same. These speculator sculptures celebrate a unique Australian Christmas through utilising inspiration from native flora and fauna artfully blended with beautiful modernity.”

Strand Arcade

Proof that you can say no to fake snow and still be very merry indeed.


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