Three-quarters of shoppers who choose same-day delivery simply want a guaranteed or fast delivery, while just one quarter need the delivery on the day, according to new research from leading agnostic parcel collection network, Hubbed.

The research found that almost half (48%) of online shoppers who choose same-day delivery need their parcel within two to three days, and 24% select same-day delivery as a guarantee that their parcel will actually arrive, while 28% say they need their order the same day.

A larger proportion of WA residents (63%) admit they usually need a parcel within two to three days, despite selecting same-day delivery, compared with 49% of Victorians and 41% of ACT residents. Over-50s are more likely to select same-day delivery as a guarantee that their parcel will arrive, at 34% compared with 17% of 18-50-year-olds.

Online growth has led to an increase in demand for a fast and seamless shopping experience; however, the availability of same-day delivery options is placing additional pressure on retailers to process orders in tight timeframes, as well couriers, according to Hubbed CEO and founder, David McLean.

“Given this, it may be important for retailers to ensure other delivery choices are available to customers, such as click and collect. This allows customers to have more control over their parcel deliveries and ensures the swift delivery of items without the pressure of having to fulfil orders within a day.”

Most shoppers also have a preference for alternative parcel collections with 59% of survey respondents finding locations such as petrol stations or parcel lockers easier to collect parcels from. Specifically, 18% thought parcel lockers were the easiest location, while 11% chose small independent local businesses with extended operating hours.

Hubbed also asked respondents to select the collection location they believe offers the most security for their parcels. Nearly half (45%) said alternative collection locations, including small independent local businesses, were the most secure for parcel collections. Specifically, 17% said parcel lockers are the most secure location to collect parcels from, while 10% chose small independent businesses with extended hours.

“With online shopping showing no signs of slowing down, offering alternative delivery locations will appeal to consumers. It solves issues around missed deliveries and provides convenience for consumers, who can choose where they receive their parcels. Now that Australians are returning to the workplace, they may be more inclined to select alternative options, which are open after hours and on weekends,” McLean said.