SAP has entered into an agreement to acquire leading omnichannel customer engagement platform provider, Emarsys, which enables businesses to engage more effectively and personally with their customers.

Enhancing the SAP Customer Experience portfolio with Emarsys will deliver hyper personalised, omnichannel engagements in real time.

SAP CEO, Christian Klein said: “Adding the Emarsys customer engagement platform to our leading SAP S/4HANA and Experience Management technology from SAP and Qualtrics opens up new possibilities for our customers that are unique in the market.

“The success of brands worldwide depends today on their ability to offer a compelling customer journey and to cater to the individual expectations of customers. To meet these expectations, front-office data must be integrated with back-office capabilities and with individual customer feedback. Once the transaction closes, SAP will enable brands to connect every part of their business to the customer, including experience data. We will deliver a portfolio for a ‘commerce anywhere’ strategy across all channels at any time.”

Emarsys is a fully integrated cloud-based marketing platform that allows companies to deliver personal customer interactions across e-mail, mobile, social, SMS, and the web at scale.

SAP Customer Experience president, Bob Stutz added: “Customer engagement technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade, and in that time, Emarsys has emerged as a world-class platform that truly enables personalised, one-to-one digital interactions between brands and customers across all channels.

“With Emarsys technology, SAP Customer Experience solutions can link commerce signals with the back office and activate the preferred channel of the customer with a relevant and consistently personalised message, allowing customers the freedom to choose their own engagement.”

Emarsys CEO, Ohad Hecht said joining forces with SAP is an exciting next step in the company’s evolution.

“We’re confident that, once we have regulatory approval, our customers and partners will quickly benefit from synergies between the Emarsys platform and the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.”

Emarsys founder and chief innovation officer, Hagai Hartman believes success in today’s market relies on brands delivering personalised experiences powered by a holistic view of each consumer. “Together Emarsys and SAP can create a new paradigm for digital commerce focused on the consumer.”