Nike Australia opened a new national flagship store on George Street, Sydney last week and I couldn’t resist sharing a few shots.

The three-level store features everything we’ve come to expect from Nike stores: a vast array of product, fantastic design and merchandising, and experiences and services that combine to create a great shopping experience.

This includes Nike+ Running Trial Zones, where customers can test Nike shoes; a pant hemming service; specialised bra fitting service; and sneaker protection and cleaning services.

retail podcasts

retail podcasts

retail podcasts

5 retail podcasts you should check out

I’m a big fan of podcasts. They’re the perfect distraction when you’re doing something boring like cleaning, and the best ones tell stories that hook you in and/or teach you something. Here are 5 retail podcasts to check out.

1. How I Built This

This series from NPR (National Public Radio) in the US is fantastic. Every episode host Guy Raz speaks to different innovators and entrepreneurs about how they built their business. Guests include everyone from Richard Branson to the woman who founded Spanx and the creators of Instagram and Airbnb.

2. Building the Perfect Cup of Coffee (StartUp season 5, episode 10)

This episode of StartUp from Gimlet Media had me totally hooked. Mokhtar Alkhanshali is trying to produce the perfect cup of coffee. And he wants to do it with beans grown in the midst of an active war zone in Yemen.

Despite the challenges, his company’s first batch earned rave reviews, and sold for $16 a cup at an American coffee chain. But can he turn that early success into a profitable business, or will the challenges of trying to achieve perfection using a supply chain that starts halfway around the world do his young company in?

3. Total Retail

American publication Total Retail has a great podcast that provides an in-depth look at retailers around the world, from Wal-Mart to eBay, PayPal and (of course) Amazon. Plus each ep usually features some practical advice you can take away.

4. Merchant to Merchant

This is a relatively new podcast created by merchants, for merchants. It brings listeners thoughts, tips, techniques and actionable advice from people who best—retailers.

5. Retail Nightmares

Anyone who has worked in retail has their fair share of horror stories, and the hosts of Retail Nightmares, Jessica Delisle and Alicia Tobin, are no different. They invite comedians, retailers and entrepreneurs on to the show to talk about the more hilarious aspects of the industry.


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