A new marketplace for pre-loved items, AirRobe, is bringing retailers, merchants, and fashion lovers together in the circular economy with just one click by facilitating a mutually beneficial system via an ecommerce widget.

AirRobe founder, Hannon Comazzeto said, “Our mission is to tackle fast fashion through innovation and empower every shopper and retailer to join the circular economy and make a positive impact on the plant, one pre-loved item at a time. We are an impact-driven brand that values environmental returns as well as financial returns like so many of our customers.”

AirRobe connects with the retailer to capture the images and details of the purchased item and store them in the customer’s AirRobe account. Then months or years later, if the customer feels ready to move on from the item, with one click they can choose to resell, rent or recycle the item. The customer can edit the estimated resale price and add a condition note, reducing the manual listing process to resell items.

Resale is expected to grow by 500% in the next five years and Comazzetto believes that AirRobe will encourage a wider span of consumers to think about fashion’s potential circularity.

“Our approach is unique because we are partnering with the retailers and the consumers in a way that benefits everyone. I began reselling as a teenager, but always felt the process would be more popular if it wasn’t so clunky. Having to take photos, write descriptions and look up resale prices was slow and off-putting – it’s such a disincentive and cuts out a lot of the consumers who would otherwise love to be reselling their pre-loved items,” she said.

Now Comazzetto is on a mission to incentivise the creation of, and the investment in, timeless pieces by giving fashion brands and consumers the tools to monetise the circular economy.

“We’re giving retailers the chance to become early adopters of this circular business model. Consumers are beginning to see their wardrobe as an asset,” she added.

Sustainable online retail store, The Fashion Advocate is one of AirRobe’s early success stories with founder, Claire Goldsworthy, describing AirRobe as “a great step into the circular economy and a no-brainer for fashion retailers”.

She said, “The time for disposal of fast fashion has passed. It used to be the ‘cool kid’ thing to have a few outfits every weekend, but we know too much about the impacts of fast fashion now to continue those throwaway habits.

“Fast fashion is inhumane and environmentally irresponsible. It’s not an assumption, it’s science, and it’s factual so it’s time to revert to minimalist ways in our wardrobe and buy less, love our clothes more, practice circularity, and reduce, reuse, recycle. I advocate for slow, mindful fashion because it’s the only way forward for our industry.”

Since launching AirRobe’s solution on The Fashion Advocate’s website, there has been a 76% increase in average order value and 300% increase in customer retention year-on-year.