Creators are driving more commerce and sales than ever before. Linktree creators drive over $6 billion annually in gross merchandise value (GMV) – equivalent to around $12,000 per second – using the Linktree platform. Out of 1.5 billion monthly clicks, Linktree drives over 200 million clicks per month to shopping and/or retail sites, including an average of 25 million clicks per month to Amazon.

Linktree CEO and co-founder, Alex Zaccaria believes the growing influence of creators cannot be overstated with recent Linktree data showing that the future of e-commerce will be creator-led.

“Over the last few years, creators have become the new storefront and are driving more commerce and sales than ever before,” he said.

“We estimate our 41 million Linktree users drive over $6 billion in sales each year, and almost 15% of all Linktree clicks are for online shopping and retail sites. As we enter 2024, we’re seeing a growing number of creators linking to products and curated storefronts in their Linktrees and making hundreds of millions of dollars in commission each year from the hugely lucrative affiliate economy. We don’t see this slowing down anytime soon.”

Zaccaria said Linktree will keep building on this success in the retail space and equipping creators with the tools they need to capture more sales and monetise more easily via Linktree.

“That’s why we’ve introduced the new Store Link feature. Any creators selling online can now use our new Store link feature to take control of how they list, sell and visually merchandise their commerce and affiliate products, from any retailer too,” he explained.

“We’ve become more than just a ‘link-in-bio’ tool with over 41 million people using our platform to link to everything they are. Our users are diverse and so are their needs. Helping creators monetise has always been a priority for us. We’re constantly looking for ways to help creators better reach and grow their audiences and to provide them with the tools needed to monetise their craft.

“Linktree was originally created to help artists increase their earnings by unifying all their different revenue streams. Commerce has always been a part of this. We’ve introduced a number of monetisation features over the years and have always been blown away by the uptake from creators.

“We care about what creators care about and as more of our users link to online shopping and retail sites, we want to help them supercharge their selling efforts. The Store Link feature is our first step in our journey on social commerce – expect a lot more to come from us.”