Elegant Media is offering aspiring app developers and businesses to kickstart their app development with a free prototype delivered in just seven days.

The initiative, led by Elegant Media CEO and co-founder, Anushka Bandara, aims to remove the financial barrier of app creation.

“Our aim is to make the first step towards app development more accessible and risk-free. We want to empower entrepreneurs and businesses by showcasing the potential of their app ideas without the initial financial commitment. It’s about enabling them to visualise their concepts and secure investor interest,” he said.

Beyond serving as a launchpad for innovative concepts, the initiative enables businesses to see their ideas in action prior to full-scale app development.

“This initiative comes at a critical juncture. AI is the cornerstone of innovation and it’s imperative for start-ups to leverage its potential. We want to ensure they are not just participants but trailblazers in this technological revolution.”

Elegant Media’s recent survey highlighted the consensus among start-ups regarding the significance of integrating AI into app development, highlighting its potential to disrupt industries and create new markets, but also the need for access to AI expertise, which Elegant Media aims to mitigate through its free month of app development services.