Tokyo, Japan - June 24, 2016: Tokyo, Japan - 24th June 2016: Shoppers pass by the French couture store Chanel in the expensive shopping district of Ginza.


I nearly fell of my chair yesterday when I read an article about Chanel peddling a luxury boomerang.

For just under $2,000 the French fashion house gives customers the chance to not only drop a crazy amount of cash on the wood and resin boomerang, but engage in a little cultural appropriation too. Bargain!

Chanel boomerang

The boomerang features in Chanel’s spring/summer ’17 collection alongside other  products including a branded tennis racket ($2,220) and paddle board (price available on request).

Of course, I don’t begrudge people spending their own money, but it did get me thinking about other ‘luxury’ versions of items.

Chanel boomerang

Like Balenciaga’s $2,610 handbag that looks like a $1 Ikea shopping bag.

Or fashion label Vetements’ DHL t-shirt, which cost about $330 and sold out after just a few months.

I love fashion and clothes, but sometimes retail is a bit insane.

In other news…

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