Education and training are crucial components for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to have a solid cybersecurity defense, especially for employees, which is why leading digital security and privacy brand, Avast has released a new Cybersecurity Training Quiz.

The Quiz is available for free to small businesses who want to train their employees about online threats. The quiz is currently available with three modules: 

  1. Data security – What is a data security incident? What is a data security breach? Data security best practices.
  2. Identity management – What is identity management? Identity management best practices and access control.
  3. Social media security –Social media security best practices and understanding social media security risks.

The quiz is available to any individual or business but specially targeted at SMBs to provide employee training without additional investment. Individuals who complete the quiz will receive confirmation of passing each module.

“Raising awareness about the many threats to small businesses and educating customers on cybersecurity is a vital part of helping small businesses remain safe and protected. We’re proud to use our extensive in-house knowledge to provide this type of training for free through the Avast Cybersecurity Training Quiz,” Gen general manager and head of SMB, Massimo Rapparini said.

Avast Business provides enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for SMBs, as well as IT service providers, and delivers robust integrated security and privacy solutions. These include Avast Small Office Protection, Essential Business Security, Premium Business Security, Ultimate Business Security, and the Avast Business Hub.

The Avast Cybersecurity Training Quiz and other free resources can be found on the Avast Business Resources page.