Baby formula and fresh produce are just some of the household grocery items Australians are seeking a bargain on, new analysis from leading digital platform, ShopFully has revealed.

In the 12 months to November 2022, Australians spent 9.4% more on food and non-alcoholic drinks, according to the ABS, with supermarket prices jumping again in the past few months.

In-app search volume on the ShopFully platform (includes three million Australian users) has skyrocketed when comparing December 2021/January 2022 and December 2022/January 2023 time periods. Searches for baby formula were up 675%, ahead of fresh produce including cauliflower (350%), onion (340%) and pumpkin (300%), as well as frozen meals (317%) and ready-made meals (300%).

Australians are also keen to buy red meat at a reduced price with steak and scotch fillet up 500% and 300% respectively, alongside roast beef and roast lamb, up 233% and 280% respectively, compared to chicken up 96%. 

Consumers are also feeling the price hike for dairy with mozzarella (400%), Greek yoghurt (300%) and feta cheese (200%) seeing the biggest search increases.

Health and beauty basics also experienced a rise including shower gel (500%), toothpaste (400%) and mouthwash (233%).

“The reality for Australian consumers is that it’s tough right now. An ordinary trip to the supermarket has now become an experience that is leaving everyday Australians strapped for cash,” ShopFully Australia country manager, Brendan Straw said.

“Our data reveals that the landscape has significantly changed in the past 12 months and is resulting in savvy shoppers turning to digital catalogues to capitalise on weekly supermarket specials. ShopFully’s Australian users are keeping an eye out for basic household items after price surges have left them looking for cheaper alternatives. What was once a normal feature on the shopping list, for example, red meat, is now considered a luxury to be bought when on sale, or as a special occasion. 

“Catalogues are still a great way to keep track of specials and get more out of the weekly shop. Supermarket giants, from Coles to Aldi and Woolworths continue to deliver weekly catalogues with specials that put money back into the pockets of Australian families.”