The COVID-19 lockdown has reignited Australia’s love for shopping locally with takeaway shops, cafes, restaurants and bakeries among those which have experienced the biggest bounce since March, according to research commissioned by Mastercard.
Despite three quarters (76%) of Australians being mindful of their spending during the initial COVID-19 lockdown period and more than half (56%) not really knowing anything about their local businesses, 73% are wanting to actively spend in the local community to help them bounce back and recover. In fact, 42% have spent more money on a product or service in the local community despite knowing they could have found it cheaper elsewhere.
The research also suggests that the shift to shopping local has made Australians feel more connected with the community. More than two in three (69%) said they feel a greater sense of community spirit now than prior to lockdown, while 68% are more inclined to spend at their local shops.
As Australians adjust to a new way of life, 67% pledged to continue showing their support to local businesses with 91% claiming they are now spending up to $200 per week on their local high street.
Mastercard Australia vice president for retail account management, Aaron Fidler said recent times have changed the way people spend, with Australians rallying together to support their local businesses.

“As the research shows, people have turned to trusted staples within their local communities, which has not only helped the bounce back of local shops, it has brought about a greater sense of community spirit.”