By Grant Shepherd

According to a recent survey by Rackspace Hosting,  online shopping is a booming category in Australia with 90 per cent of connected consumers spending online.

“Our survey indicates that online shopping in Australia is going strong and most Australians have and will continue to purchase online in 2012” said Rackspace country manager, Mark Randall.

“Online shopper’s loyalty is largely driven by convenience, variety and pricing. But, get one thing wrong and you could quickly lose them to your competitors.”

Despite this growing popularity, it seems Australians are unwilling to wait long during a transaction and are likely to leave if load times are too long.
44 per cent of shoppers said they would move on if a site takes more than 15 seconds to load, after 30 seconds 70 per cent would leave and if it takes more than a minute a whopping 90 per cent will leave your site.

Some of the other results highlighted that Australians haven’t embraced shopping on their smartphones, with more than 85 per cent using their home PC for transactions. It seems not many purchase gifts online either, with over 90 per cent making purchases for themselves.

83.2 per cent of the respondents listed convenience as one of the key benefits of shopping online, closely followed by price (71.1 per cent), price comparison (60.8 per cent) and a wider variety of products and services (47.4 per cent).

This artciel first appeared on TTmag