Inspiration from the recent Fashion Week is expected to fuel shoppers across Australia, PayPal said.

The secure payment channel said the fashion sector is now PayPal Australia’s second largest eCommerce category, behind electronics.

Adrian Christie, PayPal Australia spokesperson, said there has been an increasing amount of Australians heading online to shop.

“As more fashion brands and retailers continue to set up online stores that are accessible to Australians, this momentum will only continue to build Fashionistas in the know are already purchasing collections not yet available in Australia, comparing prices of different items and buying designer pieces online and on their mobile phones at bargain prices,” he said.

In fact in November 2010, PayPal’s eCommerce secure insight research report, developed in conjunction with Forrester Research and The Leading Edge, found that eCommerce transactions for businesses have grown 19 per cent year-on-year.

“PayPal continues to strengthen its fashion ties by partnering with a wide range of international and local fashion retailers, to ensure Australian shoppers can transact safely and securely and conveniently,” Christie said

Some of the sites that PayPal are partnered with are international shopping sites such as ASOS, Topshop, eBay and local sites including Peep Toe Shoes, General Pants and Country Road.