Ardex, manufacturer of premium quality products for the tiling, flooring and waterproofing industry, has made a double-edged commitment to the Australian environment in a recycling move.

The rubber component of more than 250,000 recycled tyres will be used each year by Ardex – instead of sand – in a number of tile adhesives such as Ardex X56.  As a direct result, the company estimates, this will reduce sand mining on Australia’s beaches and inland dunes by at least 3500 tonnes a year.

The estimated 18 million waste tyres generated in Australia each year are a growing environmental hazard that, when stockpiled, pose a substantial fire risk, take up valuable land space and create fertile breeding grounds for pests such as mosquitoes and rodents. The majority of these tyres, according to Ardex, are eventually incinerated – in itself a major environmental problem as huge volumes of toxic gasses and pollutants are then released into the atmosphere and oil, from the burn-off, is released into groundwater and nearby rivers.

The company says the substitution of recycled rubber for sand is an excellent means of transforming waste into a valuable resource and does not change the consistency or the performance of the tile adhesive in any way. Meanwhile, the reduction in sand mining is a positive step in reducing erosion and contributing to the retention of marine and wildlife habitats.

Ardex has pledged to continue to pursue the utilisation of recycled materials in the manufacture of its product range and make a tangible contribution to the care of our planet at every opportunity.