This Plastic Free July, zero-waste Australian start-up, Zero Co is calling on businesses to join their mission to eradicate single-use plastic from the workplace. 

Zero Co launched the Work Waste Challenge in July last year, asking businesses to make a pledge against single-use plastics in return for discounted, planet friendly office products and staff-wide discounts.

With companies like ANZ, Australia Post, Gumtree and Koala on board, Zero Co is asking businesses to join the movement with hopes to inspire over 1,000 businesses to make a pledge before the end of the month.

If Zero Co reaches this target, they’ll commit to removing an additional 500,000 plastic bottles worth of rubbish out of our oceans before the end of the year.

Zero Co’s refillable, zero-waste body care and cleaning products offer a simple solution for businesses who want to adopt sustainable initiatives and offer employees benefits.

Joining the challenge means businesses won’t just reduce their office waste, they’ll also be funding local ocean clean-ups run by Zero Co and using eco-friendly products that eliminate single-use plastic from office kitchens, bathrooms and end-of-trip services.

Zero Co founder, Mike Smith believes businesses can have a great influence on their employees and that the Work Waste Challenge is an opportunity to rally staff towards positive impact initiatives for our planet.

“Once businesses make a pledge, they’ll be placed on the Work Waste Challenge leaderboard which tracks how many SUP bottles they’re diverting from landfill and how many of their staff sign up to join our plastic-busting mission throughout the month,” Smith said.

Gumtree spokesperson, Eleni Gavalas, was among the first to make a pledge on behalf of the business. “We’re excited to have pledged our support and to have joined the Work Waste Challenge. For over 14 years, we have helped Australians trade on Gumtree and embrace sustainable living by giving many items the chance of a new life. Our pledge to support Zero Co marks a step further in our ongoing commitment to encourage Australians to share more and waste less.”

With over 250 businesses on board, Zero Co has already stopped the consumption of 22,650 single-use plastic bottles.