Australia’s 100% carbon neutral shipping service, Sendle has teamed up with Great Plastic Rescue founder, Bronwyn Voyce, to help small and medium businesses donate their surplus plastic bag stock sustainably, with NSW government’s ban on lightweight single use plastic shopping bags now in full effect.

Together, Great Plastic Rescue and Sendle will help SMBs register and send their excess single-use shopping bags for free before 31 August 2022.

The plastic rescue is made possible through a partnership approach by Great Plastic Rescue which provides all businesses with an alternate and sustainable disposal option for their clean, unused and banned excess stock.

Great Plastic Rescue is helping businesses across the state to redirect recyclable stock to their Sydney HQ for sorting, testing and reprocessing.

Voyce acknowledged that while the ban ensures a more sustainable future with fewer plastic bags, it presents a short-term dilemma for businesses left holding surplus stock and recyclable materials inadvertently ending up in landfills.

“Our partnership with Sendle enables Great Plastic Rescue heroes across NSW to participate in the voluntary campaign at, or near, cost-neutral – making it a triple win for the environment” Voyce said. 

“By gathering unused, recyclable single-use items we can ensure they’re recycled and remanufactured into high-value products right here in Australia with our partners, reducing the need for carbon-intensive, virgin plastics.”

Sendle managing director, Laura Hill said, “We’re excited to be a part of this initiative to help small businesses across NSW to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill. This new initiative builds on our longstanding commitment to support small businesses and reduce our impact on the environment.”