Australian start-up, Foodifox, has successfully implemented thermal food lockers at Swanston Central, one of Melbourne’s busiest premier residential apartment complexes, solving food delivery challenges including cold, stolen meals and delivery delays.

The news comes as the start-up celebrates a milestone of 50 locations operational across residential, commercial and education facilities, including launching in the Sydney market.

The partnership has seen the installation of Foodifox’s thermal food lockers in the lobby of the 72-level, 1,039-apartment complex, addressing food delivery challenges for residents and concierges.

With residents placing over 1,500 food delivery orders every week, Swanston Central building management sought a solution to streamline the food delivery process, upgrade security, improve resident satisfaction, enhance amenity and free up their time for higher value work.

The locker unit consisting of 17 individually heated cubicles has served a total of 8,240 meals, keeping food hot, safe and secure. Over 2,500 individual residents have used the lockers since their installation.

Specifically designed for multi-residential apartments, corporate offices, hospitals, and educational institutions, the lockers are supported by technology including food ordering apps and integration with third-party apps, such as food delivery platforms like Hungry Panda and Fantuan. Foodifox lockers are also fitted with UV self-cleaning technology ensuring lockers are hygienic and ready for the next meal after each use.

Foodifox co-founder and chief strategy officer, Tim Pagram said the results at Foodifox locations speak for themselves and he was proud of the momentum the company has achieved.

“We’re thrilled to see the positive impact our thermal food lockers are having at Swanston Central. It’s clear that there’s a significant need for secure, efficient, and convenient food delivery solutions in high-rise buildings,” he said.

“Our expansion into Sydney, starting with UNSW, is just the beginning. We’re committed to bringing this innovation to more residential and corporate locations across Australia, ensuring that everyone can enjoy fresh, hot meals without the hassle.”

Swanston Central residential building concierge, Charles Chandra commented, “The Foodifox service team has been super helpful post-installation – ensuring there was a representative onsite (during peak lunchtime and dinner periods) to teach both delivery drivers and residents how easy the lockers are to use. We can easily and efficiently contact and communicate with users through the announcement screen function.”