One of the big challenges and blessings of my life has been caring for my son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was around two years old, right around the time I was pregnant with his sister.

This news prompted me to start working for DoorDash, a job that offered flexibility and allowed me to care for both my children. Levi attends a special school tailored to his needs; although he can run and walk, he remains nonverbal. Despite these challenges, he’s the happiest child I know, always sporting the biggest smile and radiating affection.

Since his diagnosis, it has always been incredibly challenging for me to work a traditional 9-5 job, hence why I decided to pick up delivery driving on DoorDash, (or Dashing) in my local community in May last year. Dashing has afforded me the freedom and flexibility to work around my personal schedule and earn on my own terms.

Since Dashing, I have really got to know the local Browns Plains community in Logan, Queensland, building relationships with local restaurant owners and regular DoorDash customers. As a very social person, this part of the job is the most enjoyable for me, as it allows me to feel fulfilled by being connected to my wider local community.

Something that has surprised me about Dashing, is the comradery and friendliness from other Dashers. As you can imagine, we often find ourselves waiting for jobs outside the same restaurant and are constantly running into people that work in our area. It is almost like seeing the same colleagues in an office job every day, catching up for a chat about the others’ experiences Dashing, personal life and everything in between.

I have also loved working on grocery orders, as they help break up my day and provide a different way of doing deliveries. The shop and delivery style jobs mean I am not only delivering the items, but also shopping and packing them in the store. Again, because I am very social, I love going into stores, as it allows me to chat with staff and customers.

A new feature has been released by DoorDash recently that allows me to time how long it takes for me to pack my order. I love using this, as it helps motivate me to beat my very own personal best times. I pride myself on doing the best job I can, particularly when it comes to retail orders such as Coles where I am also in charge of packing groceries.

As I look into the future, I envision continuing my DoorDash work until I secure a full-time job. DoorDash has been a crucial stepping stone, affording me the flexibility to prioritise my family’s needs while earning an income. It’s allowed me to be there for Levi and his sister, working around their schedules and providing the care they require. However, my ultimate goal is to transition into a full-time position once the opportunity arises and when I am ready.

Annette King is a Dasher for DoorDash.