Sustainable cleaning brand, ENJO has teamed up with Australia’s textile recovery and recycling company, UPPAREL to promote greater visibility and efficiency in its sustainability practices for Plastic Free July. 

ENJO has a longstanding track record of reducing its environmental footprint and encouraging eco conscious consumer behaviour. The partnership ensures ENJO has more oversight over recycling processes closer to home. 

ENJO founder, Barb de Corti said, “Our new partnership with UPPAREL means that we no longer have to ship our fibres to Austria for recycling and can now recycle them closer to home. This immediately lessens our environmental impact as we don’t have to ship used fibres over long distances, and we have immediate insight into how much waste we divert from landfill.

“Quarterly reporting informs us of the greenhouse gasses we reduce from this program and lets us know how the recycled fibres are used whether as bags, furniture, displays or something else.”

Having worked with brands including Australia Post, The North Face, Target, Boeing, and MacPac, UPPAREL has diverted over 10 million items from landfill in just two years. Converted materials are used in the furnishing, construction, and homewares sectors.

“We;re so excited to see what this program will do for our recycling initiative and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership. ENJO has always been passionate about sustainability and our joint venture with UPPAREL is an example of our commitment to finding innovative and results-driven organisations to align with. As we continue to grow as a business, we will continue to find better ways to reduce our environmental impact and promote planet-friendly consumerism,” de Corti added.

UPPAREL CEO and co-founder, Michael Elias said, “We’re thrilled to support ENJO, a brand that shares our deep commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We’re proud to be able to play a key part in ENJO’s sustainability initiatives by giving their used textiles a new life through UPPAREL’s onshore mechanical recycling processes. This collaboration not only supports our mission to eradicate textile waste but also highlights the importance of innovative, planet-friendly solutions in today’s market.”