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With the 2017 Christmas period just around the corner, retailers need to make sure their shipping processes are in order to see the benefits during the silly season.

According to the #StateOfXmas 2016 report a lack of variety in shipping options, despite consistently high demand from consumers, is making online shoppers go elsewhere to get what they want.

With more online competitors entering the market, Australian Retailers Association (ARA) executive director, Russell Zimmerman, said the report—which was done in partnership with Temando—highlights an opportunity for retailers to embrace change.

“Traditional systems and out-dated processes are crippling many retailers, preventing them from providing seamless end-to-end shopping experiences to the multitude of consumers in a cost-effective manner,” he said.

“As Christmas is the biggest trading period of the year, it is important that retailers re-think their shipping and fulfilment strategies to give them a competitive edge.”

shipping options

Temando’s vice president of marketing, Hamish Grant, said that those retailers who make improvements to their shipping procedures will see the results during the upcoming Christmas season.

“Last-minute shoppers need to know that their holiday orders will arrive in time, but only two per cent of retailers provided extended after-hours or weekend delivery over this period,” he explained.

“Standard cut-off times are already limiting Christmas transactions, so retailers focused on capitalising on this season must offer quick, easy and fast shipping options that work for every type of shopper.”

Zimmerman agreed adding: “Retailers will enhance their profit margins when they improve their shipping and fulfilment practices. These wins will not only extend customer lifetime value, they’re absolutely essential for survival.”

This story originally appeared on Giftguide.


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