Signage is often used to show that businesses are open but there is more to it than just its design; there is science behind attracting and drawing the eye: cold white light which could in turn, increase store foot traffic.

Cold white light has been found to be effective in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with light boxes used to mimic natural sunlight. The patient is exposed to a bright light within the first hour of waking up every day and studies have shown it can cause a change in the brain’s chemicals, improving mood.

According to Michael Toweel, CEO of signage company, VitrineMedia, different types of light evoke different reactions in the brain.

“Cold white light engages the brain in a way that warm yellow light just doesn’t. That’s a great light for relaxing, but if you want to grab attention, you want cold white light which illuminates very successfully. That’s why it’s used in aquariums,” he said.

“We use that same principle with our signs. The cold white light sitting behind a sign will make it pop and stand out from a long way away because it engages the brain.”

Toweel has worked with various businesses across Sydney and Melbourne to tap into the science of light, including Gloria Jeans in Williamstown in Victoria.

Owner, Rohit Rishi had VitrineMedia signage installed in September 2019 and he believes the signage has been integral in the shift to takeaway services for the majority of 2020.

“When people see the signage, they come in and the items on the signs have become our best-selling products. We have a large, backlit sign displaying a salted caramel beverage, for example. Before the signs were installed, it would take about three months to go through two litres of salted caramel sauce. Now, we use that amount of sauce in under a fortnight,” Rishi said.

Toweel said the signage is a modest one-time investment with enormous ROI that should be seen within months.

“White light signage is a smart, modest and environmentally-friendly marketing investment for any business right now.”