With a new look to its stores, and new menu items, Mrs Fields is changing the way we stop to take time out of our busy schedules and enjoy a quiet moment to ourselves.

Over the past three years, Mrs Fields has been busy behind the scenes undertaking a broad analysis of the brand, which has included identifying the customers of the future and introducing and enhancing its product range. It has also redesigned its packaging; introduce new equipment and menus to its range of kiosks across Australia.

In order to stay ahead of its competition, and to continue to incorporate its tagline ‘Moments Made Better’ and create a unique customer experience, the Mrs Fields team is constantly looking for ways to evolve and offer its customers not only variety but also great tasting quality products.

“We’ve done extensive market research into what our customers want, what works, what doesn’t work and we’ve compiled all the feedback, the results speak for themselves – exciting new menu items and a total makeover of all our stores,” explains Andrew Benefield, managing director, Mrs Fields.

“Our philosophy is about making our customers feel good through simple, special moments regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s a treating and spending some time with the kids, or enjoying a quiet blissful moment to yourself, our aim is for the freshly baked aromas and mouth watering treats to provide a heart warming and memorable experience to all our customers.”

Since the start of the year, Mrs Fields has introduced a range of new cookie flavours for those who love chocolate but want to try something a little different to the traditional milk or dark chocolate cookie. The Strawberry Cheesecake and Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies were bought back due to popular demand, and the Red Velvet Cookie was riding the wave of the red velvet craze, giving its customers everything they love about the red velvet flavour profile but in a cookie form.

It also has expanded its menu to include a Nutella Toastie, a rich Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae and soon to launch warm Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Toast served with a Hot Spiced Apple Cyder – something which will be unique to Mrs Fields, and currently not offered by any of its competitors.

“We have over 50 potential new products in development, and while many may not make it to market the most successful are often the old favourites, with a twist that meets a current trend," explains Benefield.

Throughout 2015, Mrs Fields will also finalise the conversion of the remaining 12 Cookie Man stores, which have been earmarked to be converted to Mrs Fields.

“In today’s retail environment, you need a menu that meets the needs of customers across every trading hour, which in most of our locations spans from breakfast to a pre-dinner or movie snack,” says Benefield.

The extensive customer research highlighted that the Mrs Fields brand would support a wider range of quality brands than the very specific Cookie Man. In addition, Mrs Fields will open another four Greenfield locations across the country, expanding its network of kiosks to 50, with a goal to have 90 by 2025.

“In terms of what’s next, we’re remaining focused on what is important, which is delivering delicious home style products with a bit of a modern twist,” he says.

Mrs Fields stores are located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia.