Entrepreneur and VitrineMedia CEO, Michael Toweel has introduced some of the world’s most hygienic signage to Australia, in an effort to promote the importance of hygiene in venues including shops, bars and restaurants.

Toweel is now calling on the Australian government to mandate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approved signage to protect patrons against current and future threats of infectious bacteria.

“Business owners are clearly seeing the need to promote health and safety at every level of operation. It is our mission to clean up the hospitality industry both figuratively and literally.”

The illuminated signs designed by VitrineMedia in France are HACCP approved, which considers physical, chemical, and biological risks in food manufacturing and preparation environments with four-fold testing.

The ‘hazard’ involves identifying any risks in the process, including contamination exposure. Next, the ‘analysis’ determines how severe the risk might be and how likely it is to occur. Thirdly, the ‘critical’ component finds the precise moment when risks are likely to present themselves and, lastly, the ‘control’ element and ‘point’ identifies preventative measures that can be used to manage hazards, while the latter highlights specific areas of required control and monitoring activities. 

Toweel said meeting every single requirement of the HACCP guidelines is a massive game changer for the organisation. 

“Being HACCP certified gives our signage a number of significant advantages over competing products, in particular our menu boards which are often the closest to food preparation,” he said.

“Our light boxes are sealed behind a transparent screen which creates the most effective barrier against bacteria. An added bonus is their durability – they won’t fade or discolour when cleaned even with powerful antiseptic cleaning solutions.” 

Over 6,500 businesses across Australia have VitrineMedia signage installed, across every capital city and most major regional areas, with plans to become available in New Caledonia and Fiji in the near future.