The busiest trading time for the retail sector is fast approaching — and business owners don’t want current technology solutions to hold them back from achieving their best sales performance of the year. It is important to ensure technology solutions work together seamlessly, whether connecting point-of-sale with EFTPOS technology or connecting payroll system with staff management platform.

Point-of-sale: Erply

Point-of-sale (POS) solutions should increase efficiency and the software should process customer payments, review stock, and track sales and best-performing products. Erply is a global POS company made for retail businesses. One of its most popular features is its inventory management software, built into its POS. This solution allows the business owner to have the right products ready for customer pickup, reserve items from online orders, and track inventory in real time.

EFTPOS payments: Zeller

A reliable EFTPOS terminal that accepts card and payment wallets is essential for retailers. Customers expect to pay with a card while making any purchase, and Australian fintech Zeller delivers one of the leading EFTPOS solutions that complements any retail environment. Retailers are turning to Zeller for speed of setup – sign up in minutes online and purchase a Zeller Terminal from Officeworks. It is a mobile solution that moves around a store wirelessly and is easily scalable with no monthly rental fees meaning multiple terminals can be run at different stores at no additional cost.

Email marketing platform: Mailchimp

Utilising email marketing to drive revenue helps retailers set themselves apart from the competition.

Industry leaders in email marketing are Mailchimp, with accessible pricing options that scale based on business size. Create automated flows to ensure the right messages are being sent at the right time. Their software also provides AI-assisted suggestions to make content more engaging.

Accounting and payroll software: Xero

It is crucial for accounting software to integrate with payment platforms. Xero is leading accounting software that provides a clear online accounting dashboard to view incoming and outgoing funds in a digestible manner. Xero links in with staff scheduling platforms such as Deputy to simply conduct payroll based on staff’s rostered hours, one of the many ways Xero reduces the time spent on manual tasks.

Staff scheduling and time tracking: Deputy

Staff scheduling software helps roster the right amount of staff for each day, and keeps labour costs under control. Consider a solution like Deputy that helps businesses forecast how many staff are required on any given day to meet sales, foot traffic and deliveries. The app sends rosters taking into account the availability that they have provided without the need for emails or text messages.