Thoughtful Agency, a leading innovator in digital marketing solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, has unveiled exclusive insights from proprietary data spanning a comprehensive three-year period of Meta campaigns.

Thoughtful Agency founder, Prav De Silva said, “Our clients in the fashion and apparel sector are eager to gain a deeper understanding of how their Meta campaigns are performing compared to industry standards.

“Given that Meta media spend represents a significant portion of their digital advertising budget, they must have access to benchmark data to assess their campaign effectiveness across Australia and USA markets.

“By offering comprehensive benchmark data insights on Meta campaigns within the fashion and apparel industry we can empower our clients to make informed decisions on the role of Meta advertising and strengthen our position as a trusted partner for their e-commerce growth objectives.”

  1. US spend YOY – Peak retail

Thoughtful clients’ Meta spend in the US market for peak retail in November and December 2023 witnessed a year-over-year increase of 71%. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) experienced a surge of 73%, indicating heightened efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns. The data unveils a clear trend indicating heightened demand among US consumers for Australian brands’ summer and resort collections during this period.

2. Australian spend YOY – Peak Retail

Australian fashion brands can capitalise on the domestic market’s growth potential, as indicated by the 85% year-over-year increase in Meta spend. With a 105% increase in revenue, brands can expect significant returns on their advertising investments. Despite the substantial increase in spend and revenue, the 11% increase in ROAS indicates a balanced approach to advertising investments.

3. Cost per click deep dive

Fashion brands operating in Australia benefit from a stable advertising landscape, with only a modest 3% increase in Cost Per Click (CPC) since 2021. This stability allows brands to plan their advertising budgets effectively and maintain cost-effectiveness in their campaigns. In contrast, brands targeting the US market must navigate a highly competitive landscape, with CPCs increasing significantly by 53% over the same period.