New Shopify data has revealed the top five most popular product categories for May, all experiencing triple or quadruple growth.

Tablet computer screens and screen digitisers topped the list with a 1,141% month-on-month increase, closely followed by hard drive accessories (up 1,077%) and boat ladders (1,016%). Thermal optic accessories and shipping tags rounded out the top five with MoM growth of 999% and 875% respectively.

Self-care routines get a luxury upgrade

Wellness is at the top of the priority list with Australians finding ways to invest in self-care routines despite the rising cost of living, with hair styling tools and treadmills both seeing growth of 22% and water bottle purchases recording a 147% rise. Bathroom bidets have enjoyed a 690% MoM increase, while sauna heaters have experienced a 520% MoM increase in popularity.  

Bringing fine dining home

This season of MasterChef has turned everyday foodies into critics and connoisseurs, with Shopify data showing an increased interest in cooking accessories. Asian-fusion meals have soared in popularity with hot plates and wok accessories up 586% and 105% respectively.

There’s also a significant portion of home cooks keen to recreate a taste of Italy with pasta makers surging 317%, alongside pasta making accessories (up 92%) and pizza cutters (up 34%). In addition, bakeware sets and sandwich makers recorded triple digit growth of 143% and 107% respectively. The at-home coffee movement is also performing strongly with espresso machines up 40% and French Press coffee machines rising by 27%.

Taking tech back in time

Shopify data shows a resurgence of 90s and 2000s gadgets, including MP3 players (up 228%), two-way radios (175%), Jukeboxes (up 99%) and DVD/Blu-ray players (up 57%). Other tech-related products trending in May included tablet computer parts (up 135%), input device accessories (up 123%), web design software (up 111%) and headphone amplifiers (up 77%).

Preparing for winter

In May, Australians were already preparing for lower temperatures with space heaters increasing by 105% in comparison to the previous month. Kimono coats increased by 379% MoM, while ice skate blades surged by 109%.

Many were also preparing for snow season with accessory purchases skyrocketing – snowboard boots increasing by 203%, snowboard sales increasing by 120%, and ski and snowboard helmets increasing by 402%.