Leading global commerce company, Shopify has announced over 150 new products and enhancements designed to create a faster, more resilient and unified experience for merchants.

With enhancements across Point of Sale (POS), AI, analytics, merchandising and more, Shopify’s Summer Edition reimagines a streamlined and unified commerce experience for merchants and developers.

Updates include AI-powered tools that support content generation and help merchants quickly answer customers, features that enable smoother in-person transactions, and the evolution of Markets to make expansion more seamless.

Shopify managing director for Asia Pacific, Shaun Broughton said, The Summer ’24 Edition reflects our mission to create a unified commerce experience for our merchants. This unwavering belief in simplicity is what allows entrepreneurs and teams to expand into new markets, quickly pivot on up-to-the-minute data, and share new and exciting products, all without the costs and complexity that can so often hinder business growth.”

Shopify has taken its AI-powered features to the next level, embedding them throughout Shopify to save merchants time and money.

In January, Shopify released AI image generation via Media Editor and saw merchants save over one million AI-generated images to their storefronts. Now, Shopify has extended AI image editing to everywhere in the Shopify admin where merchants use images, like the Online Store Editor and Email Editor. This feature is also available on the mobile app.

With just a few keywords and a product image, Shopify Magic instantly suggests personalised and intelligent recommendations for all product categories. It will assign the right attributes to new products like colour, size, and style, minimising listing errors.

Shopify Magic also quickly suggests an AI-generated response to an incoming customer chat based on information specific to a merchant’s store. Merchants can then approve (or edit) the response, hit send and keep selling.

With Australians continuing to show interest in bricks-and-mortar experiences, Shopify has made a series of upgrades to make selling in-person as easy as selling online.

Retailers can now offer one-tap digital receipts. If an in-store customer is a Shop Pay user, their email shows at checkout, where they can opt into receiving digital receipts and marketing. Shopify has also enabled automatic detection of whether a product can be returned and provide staff with context on why.

Merchants can benefit from added flexibility when it comes to creating offers. In POS, multiple discounts can now be applied at once to a cart. Merchants can also enhance promotional strategies by introducing ‘Buy X Get Y’ discount codes. 

Shopify has completely rebuilt its analytics to work smarter, faster and more intuitively for merchants. New in the Summer ’24 Edition for Australian merchants is unified analytics with Shopify’s updated dashboard, powered by a pre-built report designed to provide insights on the most frequent commerce questions from merchants.

Millions of merchants rely on Shopify to scale their business from entering new regions, expanding to wholesale, or opening bricks-and-mortar stores. This Edition, Shopify has evolved Markets, formerly its cross-border selling solution, to become the central command centre for growth and expansion.

With the reimagined Markets, merchants can sell internationally, expand into B2B and sell in person with Shopify POS all consolidated into one location. Merchants no longer need to navigate multiple stores or different workflows.