Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has signed a deal with Macquarie Telecom to roll out nbn, VoIP and SD-WAN services to more than 720 Domino’s stores across Australia.

This will ensure customers have fast and reliable access to applications, franchisees and stores are supported for new innovations, and sufficient capacity to embark on its technology roadmap. The organisation decided to overhaul its digital environment to accommodate the continued growth of online ordering, which has increased by 21.5% year-on-year.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand chief information officer, Daniel Hawkins said the transition is also aimed at providing new innovation and services to franchisees.

“The sheer volume of online sales, particularly during busy periods such as Friday and Saturday nights or special events in the calendar, was the trigger point for this transformation,” he said.

“We’ve always been a company that’s used technology as a tool to provide a better experience, so we needed a network that could match up to that and become a foundation for new digital services for customers, team members and franchisees now and into the future.”

Hawkins said the quality of voice connections and internet speeds has made it easier for customers to communicate and place orders. The addition of SD-WAN maximises speed and prioritises applications to suit Domino’s’ needs.

“The fact that Macquarie is the leading provider of SD-WAN systems in Australia was a massive drawcard. We have visibility over our entire order system now, so we can see the source of traffic, whether it’s phone, point of sale or online, and prioritise the applications as we need them by ramping up the bandwidth,” he said.

Macquarie Telecom group executive, Luke Clifton said Domino’s’ transformation is yet another example of the difference a strong digital underpinning can make to an organisation.

“There’s not a person in Australia unfamiliar with Domino’s and the part it plays in delivering hot, fresh pizza. This reputation is important to uphold, and we are privileged to play a part in an organisation which has the same focus on excellent customer service,” he said.

“The role our SD-WAN solution has played in improving Domino’s operations demonstrates the reason for its meteoric growth since we launched the service in 2017. We have never seen a faster rollout of a product, having now surpassed the 7,000-device milestone, a leap of 1,000 in just four months.”

Macquarie is also providing Domino’s with a flexible and scale-able digital backbone to facilitate future growth opportunities and make headway with technological innovation.

Domino’s is looking at bringing drone deliveries to Australia, with the service going through its latest stage of trials in New Zealand this year. The digital connectivity will also play a part in Domino’s’ upcoming revamp of its online ordering system, and help support the use of future technology in stores.