Australian omnichannel experience platform, Brauz has partnered with Stripe to power its ‘Commerce Anywhere’ shopping cart.

Stripe will be integrated into Brauz’s video commerce offering, which was launched last year in collaboration with Zoom. Through Video Appointments customers connect to stores anywhere in the world via Zoom, and are able to purchase items during the call using Brauz’s Shopping Cart feature. 

Brauz provides a layer of technology that connects customers to retailers, integrating with existing systems such as inventory and customer data to enable personalised shopping experiences that allow customers transact in the moment. Its core offerings include Reserve-in-Store, Video and In-store Appointments and Click + Collect solutions. 

The partnership will see Stripe become the out-of-the-box payment solution across Brauz’s features, allowing retailers to bring their own Stripe account to Brauz or sign up to Stripe within the platform.

Beyond Video Appointments, the partnership will be extended to facilitate payment for Brauz’s In-store Appointments and Reserve In-store offerings, allowing shoppers to receive their cart by SMS while in-store to facilitate contactless payment. Brauz customers will also be able to offer payment via Stripe to anyone paying by SMS, whether that be in-store, during a customer support call or using QR codes. 

Beyond facilitating SMS payment, the Stripe integration will mean retailers can self-on-board to go live quickly and easily. For shoppers, Stripe will enable a wide range of payment options based on geographic location, for example, offering WeChat Pay in Asia. 

Brauz CEO and founder, Lee Hardham commented, “Our partnership with Stripe signals the next stage of growth for Brauz. We’re excited to work with the Stripe team to provide an end-to-end solution with best-in-class payment options for consumers. Stripe Connect will also allow us to scale and support our expansion into new regions.”

Stripe revenue and growth lead for Asia Pacific and Japan, Paul Harapin, added, “The retail innovation that Brauz brings has helped many people shop safely throughout the pandemic. Stripe is excited to work with Brauz to facilitate seamless shopping and payment experiences online and offline with ‘Commerce Anywhere’. Soon, shoppers will be able to scan QR codes in any environment and pay via Stripe through the Brauz Shopping cart to purchase an item in just a few clicks.”