Leading global technology company, Zoho Corporation has launched new tools for Zoho Desk, the anchor application in the company’s customer service platform.

Zoho Desk, which has achieved 45% year-over-year revenue growth for the past five years, now serves more than 100,000 businesses globally. New capabilities include Blended Conversations, a seamless combination of human-driven and bot-powered conversational service experiences, as well as several refinements to the user interface.

“Brands trying to scale conversational service face challenges like complexity in bot design and integration, inability of bots and humans to serve the customer in parallel, and switching across channels,” Zoho chief operating officer, Mani Vembu said.

“All of those result in poor customer experiences, which leads to frustration and strained brand-customer interaction. A smooth conversational experience for customers requires human agents and bot agents to work in tandem to bring the best of both to the customer’s experience. Blended Conversations is the next step in Zoho’s journey to build pioneering technology in a simplified platform that brings stakeholders together to deliver great customer experiences at scale.”

Blended Conversations for Zoho Desk allows customer service agents to deliver the best experience by delegating manual and transactional tasks to bots, while remaining in control of the overall service experience. With fast and easy deployment that does not require external help, Zoho Desk allows brands to scale their conversational service experiences through higher agent productivity.

This experience is a culmination of Zoho’s Instant Messaging (IM) Framework and Guided Conversations, a low-code builder for self-service experiences. The IM Framework allows organisations to integrate any messaging service they use with Zoho Desk, and comes pre-integrated with services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, WeChat, Messenger, and Instagram.

Guided Conversations for Zoho Desk allows business users to build powerful self-service flows that are useful throughout the customer journey and help customers quickly and securely manage their relationship with the organisation.

In addition to Blended Conversations, Zoho announced a technological overhaul of the user interface to make it simpler, faster, and more accessible to users with a wide spectrum of different needs. Updates include options to support cognitive and dyslexia challenges; visual impairments including astigmatism; animation reduction for those with seizure disorders; customisation capabilities for colour-blindness.