Customer service software company, Zendesk has unveiled its comprehensive messaging solution as part of the new Zendesk Suite, bringing together all Zendesk service capabilities including messaging into one complete offering.

Zendesk’s messaging tools are designed to give businesses the ability to have continuous and personalised conversations across web, mobile and social channels. Advanced capabilities include proactive notifications, enabling specialised third-party bots, and allowing customers to transact directly within the conversation when browsing products or making payments.

Zendesk president of products, Adrian McDermott said today’s customers demand real-time experiences at a level and pace never seen before.

“Companies can’t take customer loyalty for granted, and using outdated, expensive enterprise software that takes months to get up and running is a thing of the past. Businesses need the best possible technology to remain agile and face customers’ ever-evolving needs. Within hours, Zendesk can help businesses deliver great customer experiences, with messaging front and centre,” he said.

The recently released Zendesk Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report 2021 showed a 117% increase in the use of social messaging in the Asia Pacific and in 2020, more than two-thirds of consumers (69%) said they tried a new way to get in touch with customer service, with messaging and bots the leading choices.

People today want to connect with businesses the same way they chat with their friends and family — with personal messaging to get questions answered and receive support quickly and conveniently, according to WhatsApp partnerships director, Kyle Jenke said. 

“Through partnerships with companies like Zendesk, we’re making it easier for businesses to shift their operations online during the ongoing pandemic so they can stay close to their customers even when they’re physically apart.”