In just five years since launch, We Wander Gift Boxes has matured into Australia’s fastest growing experience provider with a national footprint offering over 1,300 experiences. It is now ranged in 2,200 stores nationwide with retail support from Big W, Coles, Kmart and Woolworths.

Inside each We Wander Gift Box, ranging from $70 to $600, are hundreds of Australian-based experiences including unique foodie sensations, out of the box travel escapes, adventures and wellness ideas. Each experience is fully pre-paid with no additional costs or limit on choice.

“Since we launched, we’ve seen triple digit growth year-on-year as we are experiencing even further growth with our retail partners. We want to become Australia’s home for experience gifting and are on track to add 500 new stores to our retail footprint,” We Wander co-founder, Tom Dufraisse said.

“We’re excited to have created a whole new retail gifting segment and are constantly evolving to launch new products, uplift our experience portfolio, and have signed new partnerships with Oz Harvest and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.”

Having seen huge growth in retail, co-founders Tom Dufraisse and Eric Amiel, have moved into the B2B corporate gifting space, developed with partner Andreas Schimkus. We Wander Gift Experiences have now become Australia’s premier corporate experience gifting business with unique features and services for the real estate, automotive and corporate world.

“We have now launched our second-generation Experience Hamper in partnership with Vranken Pommery that includes a premium bottle of champagne with an experience gift box of choice. It also offers complete customisation capabilities for the corporate market. We’re excited to say that we will be the one and only experience hamper in the market in Australia,” Schimkus said.

We Wander Gift Boxes allow personalisation of the experience by adding bespoke packaging including logos, taglines, and branding colour palettes. Post experience touchpoints are also available.