Leading provider of data quality and email marketing solutions, Validity has introduced MailCharts SMS, a solution that powers data-driven SMS campaign planning for ecommerce marketing teams.

With a library of thousands of SMS messages, marketers can gain insight and inspiration from strategies from the world’s top brands, what’s working well, how they are deployed, and industry benchmarks.

With the launch of MailCharts SMS, Validity has extended the capabilities of MailCharts to empower marketers to gain deep insight into brands’ and competitors’ email marketing strategies. While MailCharts has traditionally been geared toward email marketing, the latest innovation broadens this intelligence MailCharts delivers to SMS marketing campaigns.

Coupled with the phone verification and email campaign intelligence that Validity currently offers, marketers can optimise their strategy to create a holistic omnichannel experience.

“SMS is a natural extension to the portfolio of responsibilities of a digital marketer, but it’s a relatively new practice for which many marketers haven’t been formally trained,” Validity senior vice president and global head of email solutions, Greg Kimball said.

“With MailCharts SMS, marketers are empowered to build integrated SMS campaigns with confidence – elevating their marketing programs to reach entirely new audiences as well as reaching their current audiences in entirely new ways. Our goal is to serve as a quick one-stop shop for marketing teams to access all the data and insight they need to inform omnichannel campaigns in five seconds instead of five hours.”